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According to one recent study, a massive 93% of all online interactions that a consumer might have with a brand still begin the exact same way: with a search engine. It’s equally important to understand that Google alone owns a massive 65 to 70% of the search engine market share – a trend that shows absolutely no signs of reversing anytime soon. Once you also consider that Google rolls out literally hundreds of different changes to the way its search engine algorithm works every year, you begin to get a better understanding of two key ideas in particular.

First – it doesn’t matter what type of business you’re running or what type of products or services you’re selling, digital marketing is just as powerful as it ever was. Second – staying ahead of not only Google’s algorithm but also cutting edge trends, best practices, and other techniques can quickly prove to be a full-time job. This, of course, is problematic, especially considering that you already have one of those monopolizing your time.

Taken together, those two ideas perfectly illustrate why a digital agency is critical to your business’ success over the next decade and beyond. It isn’t enough to simply make an impression with your target audience by way of digital collateral. You need to grab their attention in a way they’ll never be able to look away from.

All of this and more is precisely what a digital agency is designed to do.

The Power of a Digital Agency: Breaking Things Down

At its core, a digital agency is more than just a traditional marketing agency. The Internet moves incredibly quickly, and the trends that are popular today could quickly prove to be passing fads as soon as tomorrow. A digital agency is designed to be the partner you need to always remain ahead of these factors, continuing to meet your changing needs with regards to what marketing actually looks like in the digital age.

In other words, the right digital agency will bring the best practices of graphic design and copywriting together to help spread your brand’s message as far as it can possibly go. They’ll help you leverage any and all techniques that are available to you, including things like social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), paid search advertising, programmatic advertising, remarketing and more.

By taking the time to learn as much about your business as possible, a digital advertising agency will be in an excellent position to use techniques like these to your advantage. Likewise, they can use detailed analytics and other return on investment assessments to help create a true multi-pronged approach to your marketing.

Yes, a digital agency can help you create collateral that will resonate with your target audience. But that’s only a fraction of what they can do. They also specialize in online lead generation, online brand development, brand management, email marketing, mobile-centric campaigns and much, much more.

Techniques like these don’t just allow you to help people become aware of your business. When leveraged properly, they can actually be the engine you need to successfully grow your business over the next decade and beyond. It’s all handled in a cost-effective way, delivered to you by way of results that would be difficult (if not impossible) to replicate on your own.

All of this, of course, gives way to the most important benefit of all. You can focus less time trying to make sense of the rapidly changing digital marketing landscape and start focusing all of your attention back on your business, where it belongs. Your digital agency of choice will handle all of this on your behalf – allowing you to rest easy knowing that your brand’s online presence and reputation are finally taken care of.

If you have any additional questions about what a digital agency is or how it can help propel your brand to success, or if you’d just like to find out more information about how to stretch the value of your marketing dollar as far as it can go, please don’t delay – contact us today.